Kansainvälisiä runotapahtumia Turussa 3.9.2022

Nordic Network on Kirjan talo – Bokens husin aloittama projekti, joka kokoaa yhteen runoilijoita, kääntäjiä ja kustantajia Pohjoismaista ja Baltiasta. Yhteisön ensimmäinen tapaaminen järjestetään Turussa.

Päivätapahtumassa Turun pääkirjastossa ohjelmassa on paneelikeskustelu sekä runojen luentaa. Iltatapahtumassa Nordic Networkin jäsenet lukevat runojaan ja luvassa on myös kaikille avoin open mic. Tapahtumat ovat monikielisiä/englanninkielisiä.


3.9. 14-16 DISCUSSIONS AND POETRY – Nordic lights and multitudes: poetry exchange

At Turku city library, Rotundan room

14-15 Panel discussion between Nordic poets about starting a network for poetry knowledge exchange. Nordic network members Ahmed Zaidan, Ana Stanićević and Claus Ankersen participate. Nordic network for poets, translators and publishers is a newly started project for poetry collaborations and knowledge exchange across borders. Members from the network are based in a Nordic country, but many of the members have a multicultural background, as well as wide genre of poetry works.

Moderator is Kati Urho. 


Ahmed Zaidan, Ana Stanićević and Claus Ankersen.


Members from Nordic network consisting of poets, translators and publishers perform with their own poetry, in their own mother tongue. 

Nordic poetry night – Readings & open mic

3.9. 18–21. At Koulu, Historiansali.

 Nordic lights and multitudes: poetry exchange

Come and experience a cross-genre, multilingual and cross-border poetry evening in Koulu!

Members from the newly started Nordic network of poets, translators and publishers perform with their own poetry. Cross-nationality, multilanguality and cross-genres are the nights themes. The night consists of charismatic readings in different languages, you’re invited to listen and read as well! To end the night you can read your own poetry, in whichever language you prefer. More info about the open mic down below. 


Elizabeth Torres (Colombia/US/Denmark)

Daniel Malpica (Mexico/Finland)

Gnattie (Australia/Finland)

Ahmed Zaidan (Iraq/Finland)

Claus Ankersen (Denmark)

Ana Stanićević (Serbia/Iceland)

Katariina Vuorinen (Finland)

Francis North (UK/Brazil/Finland)

Host is multilingual Finnish stage poet Rosanna Fellman. 


1. To participate in the open mic you need to sign up to the host. Registration is done on the spot at Koulu. 

2. Bring your own poem or whatever and perform it on stage in whatever language you desire

3. 5 min max time for each performer


Elizabeth Torres (Madam Neverstop) 1987. Colombian/American poet, translator and multimedia artist. Her work intertwines poetry, visuals and soundscapes with language and performance, combining visions and concepts across various art forms and media. Elizabeth is the author of over 20 books of poetry published in Spanish, English, Danish and German, and her poetry has also been included in anthologies and literary journals, which have led her to travel to over 30 countries with her creative work. She is the host of the Red Transmissions Podcast, and the initiator of the international audio collection Poetic Phonotheque, as well as a cultural organizer in the Nordic regions. Elizabeth now resides in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she directs Red Door Magazine since 2009 (founded in NY), and a gallery under the same name. Elizabeth is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Performing Arts at Den Danske Scenekunstskole (The National School of Performing Arts).

Daniel Malpica is a writer, graphic designer and editor based in Helsinki. He is the author of the books Paréntesis (RDLPS, 2017), Marduk: Senectus Signum (Bakcheia, 2009) and Ex-Aether (Molinos de, 2012). His most recent books, ’It is written with X’ and ’Manuke Libre’, have received support from the Finnish Arts Council (TAIKE) and the Kone Foundation. In 2016, FILI awarded Malpica a fund for the translation and publication into Spanish of the work of Sámi poet Niillas Holmberg. As a multimedia artist, Malpica has curated and designed more than a dozen transdisciplinary literature events in Europe, the Nordic region, and Mexico for venues such as the Finnish Museum of Contemporary Art, Kiasma; the Helsinki Book Fair; the Lettrétage literature house in Berlin, the Nordisk Sprogfest in Denmark, the Tranas at the Fringe Festival in Sweden, Casa del Lago de la UNAM, among others. Between 2011 and 2014, Malpica was the co-founder, editor and designer of [Radiador] Magazine. In 2017, one of Malpica’s cooperative projects received the annual Nuori Voima literature award. Malpica was a member of the Finnish PEN board of directors between 2019 and 2022.

Gnattie (Nathalie Sallegren), is an Australian poet living in Finland who writes & performs rhythmic spoken word. She has modified her behaviour in an attempt to fit into society yet manages to infiltrate the Finnish community by sitting on the board of her local cultural association (Västnyländska kultursamfundet) & on the migrant advisory board for Raseborg City. Gnattie grew up in Papua New Guinea, the outback of Australia & spent her early adulthood in Central Australia. With French & British roots she carries her consciousness throughout her writing. Published in anthologies in Australia and the UK, she remains active online in slams, open mics and features in New Zealand, Perth-Australia, Sydney, Swindon England, London, Aberdeen and the PBH Edinburg Fringe. Continuing now to perform live in Finland she was the first English speaking qualifier for the Finnish SM slam 2018. Recently facilitating Ekphrasis workshops in Raseborg in order to support local artists and reinvigorate creatives, Nathalie’s own work dissects discrimination, disconnection, and the vulgarity of small-mindedness.

Ana Stanićević has been active in the Icelandic poetry scene under the artist name Ana Mjallhvít Drekadóttir. She has published poetry in all the biggest journals in Iceland and performed in The Poetry Brothel Reykjavík. Her poems are a part of the first Icelandic anthology of foreign-born authors in Iceland Pólífónía af erlendum uppruna (2021). She has translated literature between Nordic languages and Serbian – among others, the award-winning Icelandic novel Mánasteinn – drengurinn sem aldrei var til by Sjón. Furthermore, she is the author of several academic articles in English, Icelandic, Norwegian and Danish. Ana has also developed, curated and edited a multilingual poetry book in Icelandic, Faroese and Danish by a poetry collective DISKO!F Eplaástøðið endurskoðað / Udvidet kartoffelteori / Kartöflukenningin endurskoðuð (2022). She has been the editor of the Icelandic cultural journal Starafugl and a guest editor of the Nordic literary journal Kritiker. Ana is currently finishing her PhD in Cultural Studies from the University of Iceland, where she has been teaching at the Faculty of Icelandic and Comparative Cultural Studies.

Ahmed Zaidan is a Turku based poet and journalist from Iraq, who migrated to Finland in 2013. He worked as a research assistant at MIF. He has worked as a full-time writer on a book based on artistic research. He holds a Bachelor Degree in translation from the College of Arts/University of Mosul. Ahmed was twice awarded the prize of Creative Writing at University of Mosul. “Playing on the strings of a female” a poetry collection written in Arabic published in Iraq 2009. “Aurora from Mosul” a poetry collection published in Germany in English and German 2018. “Homeland-kotimaa” a poetry collection published in Finland in English and Finnish 2020. Upcoming books “Double Vision” due to be published in 2022 in Finland and ”Mosul: Story of hope” due to be published in 2023 in Finland. Zaidan has contributed to anthologies and magazines in Finland and the UK. 

Francis North is a London-based, Finnish-Brazilian spoken-word poet. Most recently they came out with a book titled ”Entropy”, in collaboration with Anna Blom which contains a single long poem and a visual journey created by Blom. The book tells the story of a prophet’s rise and fall, concerned with themes like holiness, connection and the natural world. They performed the poem live with Ghosts on TV at Kapsäkki Music Theater, and a recording of the live performance came out in April 2022. In addition, Francis has self-published one collection, been involved in many poetry events, working with entities like Luna Legacy and HPC, and collaborated with musicians such as EDVIN and Haid. Francis is currently studying creative writing and American literature in Royal Holloway. 

Claus Ankersen (b. 1967 in Denmark) is originally trained as a cultural anthropologist at University of Copenhagen and USCB. He writes poetry, prose and non-fiction, translates, does literary activism and work with cross-disciplinary hybrids with the word as a constant element. He is the author of fifteen books and works internationally, having performed and worked with his literature in more than twenty countries all over the world. Selected material have seen translation into Swedish, Finnish, Estonian, Russian, Polish, Czech, Ukrainian, Romanian, German, Udmurt, Bulgarian, English, Uzbek, Spanish and Macedonian. His latest book, River of Man – Indian Poems (Red River, 2020) is a collection of travel poems and is just published in India.